Just a short note on why running a blog is HARD (feat. a new challenge)

Running a blog is hard. You would think I would’ve had some insight into that before starting this – having done the whole, “writing by deadlines” thing for many years of my life prior – but, I didn’t. I do now. Running a blog is hard. Running a blog is hard. This is my mantra. If I were part of a cool tribe, I would hum it under my breath while dancing around a fire and praying for rain. Running a blog is hard.

I suppose I am a little arrogant. After all, I am not positive that this little black hole I keep cooking in the corner of the internet can really be called a “blog”. Blogs have structure. My “blog” does not. Blogs have categories. My “blog” does not. Blogs follow schedules. My “blog” definitely does not – unless you call disappearing for two months then reappearing, telling you I’m not dead, then disappearing again – a schedule. (Bet I’m really selling this “blog” to you right now, aren’t I? Wow.)

This “blog”, if we were to define it, is more of an area where I spout out random thought-vomit – something of an online journal, I guess – but for the ease of writing this entry, and typing “blog” instead of “random thought-vomit portal” every time I refer to it, let’s call it a blog. Or RTVP. Avid readers (you poor things) know how much I love churning out those sweet acronyms.

Running a blog (or RTVP) is hard – had I mentioned? I’ll mention it again. It’s hard. And it’s hard, likely, due to a combination of many elements:

  • Now I write for a living, it is hard to come home and write more. I am always writing. And writing is great and I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I’m kind of also supposed to be writing for a games magazine, and am currently doing a terrible job at it due to the writing-for-money-all-day-then-coming-home-and-wanting-to-lie-in-a-soothing-bath-of-essential-oils-and-do-nothing-else routine I’ve got going on.
  • My creative radar shoots all over the place – I think everybody who enjoys creative things, however, has this to some extent. You go through phases of really wanting to do one kind of creative thing, like write something, or play something, or do Painting By Numbers (which is cool. It IS. I am adamant.) So I’m not always gripped by the fiery passion to write on my little RTVP.
  • There is simply not enough coffee in the world to keep doing everything at once. Something’s gotta give. And usually it’s this (apologies, phantom reader who I am forever worried about neglecting but who I probably don’t have so maybe I should just clam down [sic]).
  • Maybe I’m a bit lazy. Probably. Likely… Yes.
  • I battle constantly with writer’s block, probably as a result of having a lot of “client writing” now dominating my wordsmithing brain, pushing out all the crazy thought-vomit I so love to share with you. So this is adulthood.
  • Picking a font is hard and takes hours. And by the time I’ve picked a font I don’t want to write anything. I need to lie down in a pool of my own sweat and blood and recover from the battle.

And besides all of this – what do people find to say all the time? People who vlog on a daily basis or blog every couple of days have got to have a team of people behind them. Seriously. Unless Zoella is actually Stephen King, who, in my opinion, is the only writer in the world who has the ability to endlessly churn out novels like some mental, LSD-fuelled producing god.

So anyway. The challenge.

I am going to try (emphasis on “try”) to write ONE THING on here per week (deadline Sunday, 11.59pm. I swear I have challenged myself to this before. And failed. But here we go again, regardless.)

I will post something on here. Even if it’s just a tiny note. Even if it’s just a tiny QUOTE, which I have copied and pasted and attached a relevant GIF to. Something. SOMETHING.

It can’t be that hard once you get into the swing of it. Right?
Note: I’ve decided to take up this challenge while also pledging to write more for the games site, signing up to an online psychology course and applying to become part of a comedy podcast so it could NOT have come at a better time. Ahem.



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